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As long as women have been giving birth, they have been

assisted by other women in their community.

These women - healers, mothers, wise ones, midwives - understood that childbirth is a natural part of feminine life and a rite of passage as unique

as each mother who experiences it. Their role was to protect the

sacredness of the birthing space and use their expertise

when needed to keep the mother and baby safe.

My midwifery practice is based on the same belief :

Women are perfectly designed to give birth.

My role is to trust the process while providing unbiased information,

skilled assessment of health and well being, gentle guidance

and loving encouragement as it unfolds.



"Always Trust The Process."

I believe pregnancy and birth are natural processes.

I believe birth can be a profound spiritual and emotional rite of passage.

I believe women and their partners should be educated with all the

information necessary to make appropriate choices for their birth.

I believe that midwives, solely dedicated to a birthing mother’s

physical and emotional comfort, enable the most positive

and empowering birth experiences.

I believe that a woman and her baby are created to work 

together perfectly as they journey through birth

and into each other's arms.

They should be attended by gracious and reverent

providers who believe in birth.




BIRTH: It's Positive!

by Gretchen Arnold & Jill R. Johnson

A collection of joyful true stories lovingly written by moms, dads and care-givers to enlighten and inspire pregnant families about

the amazing process of birth.

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